Tuesday, May 13, 2014

MacJournal 6.1.2b2

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This release fixes a few more bugs in anticipation of the release of 6.1.2. There are a few fixes with Quick Note, document navigation modes, blogging with HTTPS servers, and Dropbox syncing. There are also improvements to the command-line tools. Please let me know of any problems that you have using the Report a Bug item in the Help menu. Thanks!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

MacJournal 6.1.2b1

This beta should be the only pre-release before the final release of 6.1.2. It fixes some issues in 6.1.1 and before. There are fixes for search indexing, layout issues with books, improved posting to Blogger, and fixes for Quick Note. Please let me know of any issues by using the Report a Bug item in the Help menu. This release should be out soon, so please let me know! Thanks for testing MacJournal.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

MacJournal 6.1b4

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This beta should be the last one and the final release shouldn't be too much different than this one, so please let me know of any issues that you run into. There are some syncing improvements here as well as improvements for copying encrypted journals. Please report any issues using the Report a Bug item in the Help menu.

Monday, February 10, 2014

MacJournal 6.1b3

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This beta has some bug fixes and improvements in behavior. It also should improve behavior when facing conflicts with data on Dropbox since Dropbox has its own way of handling conflicts. Other than that, large images should look better in certain WordPress templates, the default auto-save time is now shorter, most of the items in the Text Cleanup menu will work in the Topic field, and double-clicking an entry with content that can't be edited in MacJournal directly will open the best application for that content directly.

Please let me know of any issues that you have via the Report a Bug item in the Help menu.

Monday, January 20, 2014

MacJournal 6.1b2

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There are mostly bug fixes in this beta over the last one. For example, refreshed categories will now be saved correctly when you are posting an entry to a blog. When syncing a document with an iOS device for the first time, there will be an extra message saying so just in case that is unexpected.

One change that you might not see is to how MacJournal deals with changes from other device using the same data over Dropbox. While opening the same place on more than one machine was never recommended, it sometimes happens and this release should hopefully handle it better by merging in the changes from the updated file on disk instead of wholly replacing the opened document, which may have some unsaved changes.

Please give this a try and let me know of any issues via the Report item in the Help menu. Thanks for trying MacJournal!

Monday, December 30, 2013

MacJournal 6.1b1

Download it here.

This is the first beta of the 6.1 release. There are a lot of changes in this release, but not all of them may be immediately apparent. For example, this release should improve performance and memory efficiency. There are several new features to use as well. There's a new live Markdown preview window available. You can add a new column to the Entries list for which journal the entry is from. You can see the character count for an entry next to the word count in the bottom bar. There's a new item in the Format menu to re-apply the default style to a selection of text. There is a new German localization. You can now rename tags in the Change Tags sheet. There are many smaller fixes and improvements for things like blogging, smart journals, syncing, and importing. See the full list in the Version History. Please report any problems that you have using the Report item in the Help menu.

Monday, July 08, 2013

MacJournal 6.0.7b10

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Beta 9 expires on Tuesday, so here's a new beta to extend that date. I'm planning on releasing 6.0.7 Tuesday as well but I don't want anyone to miss out on the new release. Despite what I said about the release date, please still let me know of any issues you have using the Help menu's bug reporting item. In terms of what's new, it's mostly just bug fixes. Statistics should be improved, as should restoring a journal from a backup. Blogging is improved, as usual. Dealing with the Browse toolbar item when the Entries list is open should make more sense as well.